Thursday, February 9, 2012

This time of year...

I dread
Every year for who knows how long...
Last night as I sat close to my parents counter
hunched over my moms laptop.
I blurted out
"I hate Valentines Day."
My mom simply responded "I know"
Looking up I raised my eyebrow
She saw my expression and said
"I don't like it either"

I don't loath it
despise it
could kill it if I could
because of my situation.
There have been plenty of years where I have had
a significant other, be it a boyfriend or husband.
I still dreaded it.

It really never had been important to me.
Ever since I was a kid I found it pointless,
spending hours making cards for people
giving each other awful Pepto Bismol heart shaped candies
that scream "I LOVE YOU!" or "HUG ME!"
Don't get me wrong getting the chocolate was awesome.

Be mindful of people who are hurting at this time,
we all know you love your husbands, fiances or boyfriends,
but be thinking of those who don't have someone.

Show love to everyone
not just your lover.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tuesday nights.

Crawling across the floor
chasing bare little piggies.
Playing tiger mommy
and tiger baby with my little boy.
Growling at each other.

Nuzzling cheeks
hair tickling his nose


Ray Charles' medley drifting in and out
Those blue eyes gazing,
adoringly at me

These Tuesday nights
are what I live for.
I love being a mommy.