Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have always fancied myself
a big dog person.

I love the feeling of the weight of their head
placed ever so lovingly in your lap.

The way their thick ears
are soft like crimson velvet.

And as you pet and run
your fingers over them
you are in a whole new world,
a world of ecstasy.

The way they insist on being lap dogs
and jump up on your lap
laying their body over your knees.

I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

My husband and I had discussed getting a dog
and we both agreed that adoption was the way to go.

So on Saturday we set aside time to go look at dogs.
When we arrived he caught our eye
and after debating between he and another dog
we adopted

"Link" for short

Ever since then
I have been astonished and impressed.

With this amazing dog
that is a gentle giant.

Who lets Ronan climb on him
with out a care.

Who sleeps, lounging,
on his favorite yellow couch.

Who is patient
Calm and caring.
Nuzzling you when you cry
with deep concern in his brown glossy eyes.

at times

He can be stubborn
but we are lovingly working on that with him.

I am so happy
to finally have a big dog back in our family.

To complete our family.

Welcome home Link.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


As summer fades
and the heat of August sticks to our skin.

We sit outside

munching on pears and watching daddy work.
Enjoying the suns warmth that is quickly wasting away.

Enjoying our new life

our new companion.

And side by side we sit,
munching on those
not quiet ripe
sour pears.

Gazing at the kids
riding their bikes

As the hum and commotion
of our neighborhood hive
bustles with activity.

We happily admit that
our dreams came true. 

Life is simple
but oh so sweet.