Monday, March 12, 2012

Here I am.

It terrified me.
Thought of looking back through
all the mournful words that I posted since
that fateful month...


But I did it.
I read over each one
cradling the words that I read
in my arms
like a child

Words that were bursting
with emotion and hurt.
And as I read
I cried because I was so grateful
that I made it through that.

As I sat legs crossed
at my kitchen table
the sun peaking through the shades
on my back door.

I felt fully capable
and in control of the situation.
I had handled things the best I could
and I had made it this far on my own.

Feeling strong and in control
is a feeling I have grasped for desperately.
I do understand that I can't control all things
but I can control myself.

That is what really matters.

Happy Monday everyone.