Tuesday, December 27, 2011

These mirrors do not show what is there.

When you marry someone 
you do not think  
that in 2 years you will divorce.

You do not think...

that they will hate you 

that you will be told
you ruin their fun.

that they will miss their sons
first Christmas
because they hate you so much
they refuse to talk to you.

We are just a bunch of children
having children
raising children to become
more children

and then the process starts all over.

When you marry someone
especially when you are LDS
you imagine forever.

You don't imagine...

Yourself left as a single mother
caught between
everyone's opinions on what you should do.  

Trying to find a man
who will love you
and your son
because the person
you married 

Asking yourself
"what could you do differently?"

And now I ask you all...

Shouldn't all beings
have hope for the future?
For a new life?

Shouldn't all possibilities
be endless?


1 comment:

  1. I had no idea... until just now. I am so sorry. We sure came close to this scenerio in 2011... I know a part of the pain you are feeling. I am so so sorry. I am glad you are looking up per your more recent posts, but relapses happen and I hope you'll put your chin back up again! You are a strong woman!