Sunday, October 23, 2011

getting hurt.

On Friday while photographing a wedding reception
I was walking down some very uneven stairs
took a step, my ankle bent a way it shouldn't


Was the sound I heard.
Later my foot raised
a replacement photographer found
the tears started to flow.

How could this be happening?
No, not now, please not now.

How am I going to care for Ronan?
If I barely can walk?

How am I going to work?
I am the sole provider in my home
I CANT be laid up.

I have no one to help me.

I felt frantic,

My mind was racing the tears were flowing
trying so hard to remind myself that God had a plan
that he wouldn't do anything for no reason

Trying hard to keep good thoughts going through
my mind, and through my heart.

Went to the ER at Lakeview
 I tried to joke the whole way
When deep down inside I didn't know
how I was going to do this.

X rays.
Super nice Doctor
Funny Nurse
Painful Morphine shot
Ankle slowly swelling more
Caring neighbors who were there for me

Good news

I tore ligaments in my ankle
No broken bones
Even though I was still hurt
I counted my blessings

Went home, was taken care of
Thank you so much everyone
It means the world.

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  1. Hey now.... you know that's not true. many people try to reach out to you because they care about you. But when you shut them out, it's hard for them to be able to help you feel better.