Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have read over my posts
and wondered.

Why do people read my blog?

Do they read it because they like to think...
"I am so glad that isn't me"
To reassure themselves that their lives don't suck
as bad as mine?

That they have spouses they get to come home to?
Complete and whole families?
Sometimes I really wonder if that is the reason why.



  1. I read because i care about you and want to know how you are doing and what you are up to.

  2. This is the first time i've seen your blog, I clicked on its link from facebook because I love your pictures. So i started to read back through your past posts. They are beautiful alicia! You are starting over and its courageous. I will begin to read because you are doing the hard thing, picking up the pieces and creating a new life and its inspiring. Please keep writing, because I know that somewhere down the line a girl that feels just like you will find this and need your strength. I know we haven't been in touch for several years but know that I care about you regardless and am here if you ever need help

  3. I also found your link from viewing pictures on facebook, which by the way... I absolutely love! You are such an inspiration in many ways Alicia! I wish we knew each other better in high school! I love reading about how you are doing, and I love how creative you are with your posts! I always love reading other's blogs to get ideas for my own as well... You are so strong, and you really help strengthen me even though we all go through different things. Please don't stop writing! You are amazing!!

  4. I read what you write because you are the most articulate person I have ever heard expressing what they are going through. I know many people struggling right now and they can't even begin to describe what is happening inside. You give the most amazing insight to a persons heart. When I read what you write and I think about you holding things together I just feel your words encourage everyone to treat each other gently because we don't ever really know. Thanks for your ability to speak your thoughts