Wednesday, October 19, 2011

time passes

It has nearly been 2 months. 
2 months since the truth has come out


At first I thought I couldn't survive
the situation was crushing down
standing on my chest
keeping me from breathing.

I walked through a fog


I fell behind 
thank you for all the love and patience by the way

But with every day that passed
that is passing
the situation slowly steps down
off my chest
and stops crushing me

Toe by Toe

and I am realizing that even though
there is damage
and chaos all around

I am the same girl
I haven't changed
I still slip on my the same pair of shoes everyday
and slip my feet out at night

He can't define me
and I am so grateful for that.

I am grateful for the shoes
that carried me through this
though they are worn out

I'm worn out.

they carried me, every step
and time passes.

I think I will get a new pair.


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