Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I have missed you.

My blog,
my dear, dear blog.
I have not forgotten you.
For a while I forgot...
who I was.

Last night was honestly the night
that has needed to happen
for years.

After a difficult day
of frustration
and grief
weary I climbed into bed... 

As I leaned across the
tangled sheets and strewn pillows.
To reach the lamp
shut off the light
and slip into cool sheets

The thought cracked the window
in my mind.
A cool breeze swept through my thoughts.

I was O.K. with going to bed


No longer did I have to share
the sheets with someone
or get elbowed in the head.
I could stretch out and feel comfortable
no longer having to worry
about disturbing someone.

Without me knowing
it happened.
I had suddenly become O.K.
with what happened to me.

The divorce and being


It was a beautiful moment
a moment in which
I wish I could put on repeat.
And re-live it over and over.

I love my life
it is simply amazing.
And you know what?
I am HAPPY I am divorced.
It taught me somethings I have needed.


Every day I will thank the Lord,
for the struggles.
They have shaped me.



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