Wednesday, November 2, 2011

coming home.

Today I came home
walked through my door
Ronan on my hip
a pack of stolen Diet Coke
from my parents house
gripped in my free hand.

I gazed around my home
Halloween decor still up
a sigh escaped me
I was now 2 days late of

what a bummer.

Ronan was then placed
down on the floor
watching Blues Clues
as he squeed when Steve talked to him


and as the holiday decor came down
the depression hit
the magic of a holiday ending
has always been sad for me

Pulling things out of the basement
hefting them back up the stairs
placing these items
back in their homes

Looking around the basement
I noticed there were
a few pieces of furniture
sad and discarded.

why couldn't THEY have a home?

My whole life
I have always had a nasty habit
of getting bored
moving things around
and spicing them up

Dragging things up the stairs
this in the living room
that moved to the bed room
I felt life break back into my soul

This is my home.

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