Tuesday, November 15, 2011

model me a woman

Let us pretend for a moment.
Let us pose for a second.

That she is a woman of


and though she faces the world
shoulders back
head held high

in the depths of her home
does she crumble
sink into herself
and bury the


Her words are beautiful
they bring others to tears
little do they know
that as she writes
with every word
she leaves a piece of herself
in vowels and nouns

Tears come as she
peels back the aching layers
of her

insecure soul.

She is a loner
yet a social butterfly
that craves the vocal echos of others.

is she the only one
that has wept over this loss?
while he walks away from the burning destruction
no sweat on his brow.

She is a woman of responsibility
often called needy, clingy and annoying.

She is a woman of love
often called wreck-less, insane and immature.

She is a woman of motivation
often called incompetent, a liar, and ugly.

But what she really is,
is insecure.


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