Sunday, November 13, 2011

why I do it.

Why do I blog?
Why do I write?

This blog is here
because it is my vice
it is my window to infinite possibilities

When I write I discover 
the beauties 
that move and dance inside my brain 

and when I write
the burden that is carried on my

and heart

is lifted and I become free.
Free to live my life
Free to smile and to breath

After a post is written


I often lean back and smile
because I have spun something

something that is important to me.

Something that is raw, uncut and real.

As real as I am.

I am happy.
The things I have in my life
I am so grateful for.

I dance
I laugh
I smile
I sing

No one can take my zest for life away from me.

I am moving on
I am living
and I am loving.

And I want all my beloved friends to know
that though my posts can often be sad.

I am so happy
so unbelievably happy.


I am
a mother
a friend
a lover
a creator
a writer
I am

Alicia Arlene.

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